Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubliee Lino Prints

Was getting in the mood for the Jubliee this week so thought I would do some Union Jack lino prints. I have not done any printing for a while so thought it would be fun.

First I made two lino blocks the same size as I was going to do the two colours separately. I traced the image onto them, one for the red and one for the blue and then cut out what I did not want to print. 

Next came the inking up, red first. I was happy with the way it turned out an it took a few practice pieces to get it right.

Then came the blue, this was much more tricky as I need to line everything up (hence the lino blocks being exactly the same size). The finished flag was not exactly what I planned it to be I suppose a bit more rustic, not sure if I will do anything with them yet or just hang the round the house, I had a lot of fun anyway!

Funnily enough my favourite one was when I printed the blue upside down, a bit unconventional but I really liked it!

Whatever you are planning this Jubliee weekend hope it it a great one!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mood Boards

In a previous post I mentioned that I was going to start on some female and male ranges based on the mother's day and father's day cards that went down well. As well as using these designs as a starting point I also decided to create some mood boards too to get some inspiration. I have always worked this way right from when I was at college (many moons ago!). It is nice not to be on the computer all the time, immerse yourself in a few magazines and get the scissors and glue out!

I have produced three mood boards all with different colour ways. At the moment they are geared more towards the female market but I am going to look at some of the colours in them to see if I can adapt them for the male too so that they all sit together well. This is just a peek at what I have done but I will post later to show you them in more detail and how I go from mood board to finished designs.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ely Eel Day

Well the weather was not the best but the good Ely folk turned out in their droves to support this event and although I was freezing I met some nice people, made some good leads and sold well, the best sellers being of course the Ely postcards which had a lot of really positive comments.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Things have been busy here over the last month so I apologise yet again for the lack of posts which I need to get on top of! I have been busy trying to come up with a plan of which way I want the business to go as I am quickly approaching my year anniversary. This year I am doing a lot of local Fairs and Markets but have decided that I am not going to take on anymore after these ones have finished and concentrate on selling to the trade by sorting out doing a trade show, this is a daunting prospect but one in which I hope will enjoy and get a lot out of.

In the meantime I am going to start to concentrate on some new designs. There were some good responses to the Mother's Day and Father's Day cards so I think I may look at some new Male and Female cards based on these designs.

I have also set up a small survey on a website called Survey Monkey you can set up any questions and send them out for people to fill in and you can analyse the results on the website. It is really useful and the feedback I have received so far will help with making decisions over the new ranges. Please if you have time go and have a look and fill in.

This weekend I am doing a local event, the Ely Eel Day. Usually it is well turned out and it is free! I will be taking along my Ely postcards and prints so heres to a good day despite what the weather has in store! Come along if you are local.