Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubliee Lino Prints

Was getting in the mood for the Jubliee this week so thought I would do some Union Jack lino prints. I have not done any printing for a while so thought it would be fun.

First I made two lino blocks the same size as I was going to do the two colours separately. I traced the image onto them, one for the red and one for the blue and then cut out what I did not want to print. 

Next came the inking up, red first. I was happy with the way it turned out an it took a few practice pieces to get it right.

Then came the blue, this was much more tricky as I need to line everything up (hence the lino blocks being exactly the same size). The finished flag was not exactly what I planned it to be I suppose a bit more rustic, not sure if I will do anything with them yet or just hang the round the house, I had a lot of fun anyway!

Funnily enough my favourite one was when I printed the blue upside down, a bit unconventional but I really liked it!

Whatever you are planning this Jubliee weekend hope it it a great one!

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