Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to work!

I am back! Sorry for my absence over the past few weeks but school holidays, family holidays and Olympics took over!

Other than the weather what a great summer it has been. I loved the Olympics, it was a great 17 days of cheering and willing our team on in sports I have never watched before. We have so many talented and great sportsman. The opening and closing ceremonies were fantastic and the Queen saying 'Good Evening Mr Bond' will be up there in one of my moments along with Mo Farah winning two gold medals and the cycling which I loved. My family and I were also really lucky to be one of the 2 million to get tickets into the Olympic Stadium and it was a great day. Of course we still have the Paralympics to enjoy and they are truly amazing athletes.

My family and I also enjoyed a lovely holiday in Norfolk then a week in the lsle of Wight very relaxing and a nice end to the school holidays.

I was supposed to be exhibiting this month in the phone box that I posted about a few months ago, unfortunately this had to be cancelled until January now.

So I am back with a bang today and on course to get ready for Top Drawer which is only 131 days away! I am hoping to launch and male and female range at the show along with revamps of all the current ranges. Better go and get on with it then!

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