Monday, 16 July 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

And please don't come again another day! Now I am more of a winter person (odd I know but I love the snow and cold) but even I believe in proper seasons and this weather is now getting slightly silly! I cannot believe I have a light on in my studio today!

Anyway enough moaning. In the studio things are starting to take off I am about to start my long overdue male range which I am quite excited about as I have been sourcing ideas and making mood boards for the last couple of weeks so now feel it is time to get down to work! Don't want to give too much away but here is a little sneak at one of the mood boards.

I recently sent out a survey on  and one of the questions asked "What sort of Greetings Cards do you think are lacking in the market?" Top of the results was a good males range with comments of "Male birthdays of all ages", "Good cards for men, they are always hard to find",  "Decent ones for boys and men - they often look a bit dowdy and "Cards aimed at men that don't feature beer, page 3 girls or football!". So I am setting out on a mission to answer your needs!

Right back to work and whoever it is please stop doing the rain dance and lets have a proper summer!

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