Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 Wish List

A few days ago I was looking back at my posts from January last year when I remembered that I created a list of goals for the year. This was the list.

1. Exhibit at Top Drawer
2. Get my ranges into retailers
3. Get agents
4. Raise my profile (Press etc)
5. Design Occasions/Ages
6. Exhibit at PG Live (May)
7. Submit entries to the Henries
8. Design new Everyday ranges
9. Attend the Ladder Club (Sept)
10. Design Christmas ranges

I was pleased that I have achieved most of the list and I have certainly learned a lot (mainly through a few mistakes) and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry.

The trade fairs were my biggest learning curve. If I am honest when I set out to do Top Drawer I was filled with all sorts of romantic ideas that everything would go right and how things would take off but I have to say it was hard and you have to keep at it and promote your company again and again to get the results.

One of the biggest advantages last year was that I got an agent it certainly took a lot of the stress of out 'selling' my cards. I also gained a lot of knowledge through talking to other publishers who were more than happy to give me the advice I need.

So with all that in mind I have decided do do another wish list for this year

1. Exhibit at Spring Fair and PG Live
2. Increase sales
3. Get more agents
4. Look into export opportunities 
5. More press coverage
6. New Male range
7. New Art range
8. New Occasion range
9. New designs to existing ranges
10. Studio re-vamp

This year I want to concentrate more on designs and maybe look at a different style for an summer art range I am keen to produce.

Better get on then!

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