Friday, 13 July 2012


Red Berry Hill has joined Pinterest. I discovered it some time ago but have only just got around to opening an account and now I am just a little hooked.

For those of you who have not seen it is a pin board social photo sharing site where you can create themed pin boards in which put photos you find either from other peoples boards or websites. These can be for inspiration idea sharing or just because you love it. Like many social sites once you have an account people can follow you and your boards and re-pin any of your items that they like too.

So far I have loaded many things of inspiration as it is great for making an online mood board for projects. I have started to also put some of my cards on there too as you can add prices and link it to your website so it is a great marketing tool. I was worried about copyright but they always advise you that when you pin it that it always links back to the original website or link that you got it from.

Prints Board

Seaside Cards Product Board

Go and have a look and give it a try, although I warn you you will get hooked!

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